The Label

Founded by mother of two Briana, STATE OF JOY is a considered, innovative and fun matching clothing label born out of the desire to fill a gap in the market in an ethical and responsible way.
Lovingly designed and made in Australia, our label is inspired by the pride and happiness we feel when spending time together. We see matching family clothing as a way of nurturing and celebrating the bond between family members. 
Our designs embody the adventure and fun that the family lifestyle entails. 
We want to add value to the lives of our customers by helping them to enjoy more of the little things by making life that little bit more fun! Our pieces are thoughtfully created with ingenuity of design and ease of wearing to make our customers look and feel great! Taking a joyful approach to life!

Our Values

We endeavour to use sustainable fabrics wherever possible. Please check the product details of each design for further details. We have a wholehearted belief in sustainability and ethical responsibility throughout the entire production process. We design and create garments that are versatile, functional and timeless, not dictated by current trends and therefore actively playing a role in bringing the fast fashion movement down to a slower pace. Supporting local manufacturers and suppliers are a priority and we endeavour to continue the entire design process and production on Australian Land.
We are spirited, we are energetic, we love colour, beautiful things and life’s little indulgences. We are proud. We revel in precious family moments, we stop and smell the roses, we treasure the small things and life’s simplicities.
These are the things that inspire us, give us purpose and motivation. We like balance but love to indulge when it’s time to celebrate. We love to get dressed up for special occasions. Laughter, creative expression and dance make our soul happy.
Life is something to celebrate and we do this by expressing ourselves through what we wear.